Monday, 13 August 2007

To the ones who has a broken heart……
cry if you want to cry….
because ‘crying’ is a natural state of human beings.

But don’t feel that your life has come to an end….
Never let revenge dampen your heart…

But mark it as a precious experience,
A time to gain your closeness to The Owner of your heart
[Allah subhana wata’ala]

HE is…
The One and the only One
who will understand you verily from the bottom of your heart.

He is…
The one who will never judge you
and tell how stupid,
silly and idiotic you are…

Remember just remember,
A great Muslim……
A strong Mu’min… always cries in front of His Lord….

Every drop of tears in your prayer to Him would immensely relieve
your heart, heal your broken heart… cleanse your soul and liberate your life…..

Remember, just remember,
Allah put you in that situation… there must be reason(s) for it.
Allah might want you to learn.. to respect your life or
perhaps Allah wants to test your faith, your IMAN.

Allah might want to remind you…
as calamities… for you might have owed HIM…. some particular sins
[because ’sins’ are debts that we have to pay]….

If you decide to get involved in things…

Remember, just remember,
there must be consequences….
Consequences that have to be considered first,
before stepping into any adventure….
At least, get ready to be responsible
towards every step of your actions…

The struggles you go through
may make you appreciate your life;
a precious experience that will lead you
to become a compassionate person…

At the same time,
you should ask yourself about your sincerity….
Do you really base your actions on sincerity…?
What’s wrong with your intentions…?
If you do something for the sake of Allah
why would you feel hurt and pain
if things do not comprehend with your dreams?

If someone hurts you…
Remember, just remember,
that is a precious time where Allah will answer
every single of your prayers
[Allah will answer prayers from people who are oppressed]….

It is also a precious time to gain a big reward
by forgiving and praying good things for ones who hurt you….

As far.. as what you do is based on sincerity….
As far… as you have tried your best whole heartedly….
If things do not work… remember Allah must have other plans… better plans…. insyaAllah….

Allah Says(which means):

“And that it is He who makes [one] laugh and weep” [An Najm,53: 43].

When commenting on this verse, Imaam Al-Qurtubi, may Allah have mercy upon him, said:

“Allah decreed the causes for crying and laughter”

I am going to train my heart to ponder and my eyes to cry.

Alhamdulillah, biiznillah, I would love to be given a chance to gain the benefits of ‘Crying out of fear for Allah’:

*It softens the heart.
*It is a quality of the righteous.
*It is a distinct character of those deserving Paradise.
*It is the way leading to the pleasure of Allah and attaining His love.

Verily, Allah S.W.T. Knows BEST!

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"...Dan mengapa, ketika merpati sudah hampir dalam genggaman. Ketika putik sudah tinggal dipetik. Ketika segenggam asa dan kerinduan sudah terkumpul untuk mengikuti sunnahNya, mengikuti jejak RasulNya. Menjaga kesucian agamaNya. Justru Dia Yang Maha Kuasa berkehendak lain. Dia Yang Maha Menggenggam belum memberikan kesempatan ini."

the above extracted from ur previous post.. there must be a reason why you post this up rite?
followed by a poem abt "Cry'..

what can i say.. i'm feeling the same too bro.

the irony and complexity of istikhaarah, usaha and doa only to realise that there is a bigger determining factor that decides what's best for us.

crying because you couldnt get to be with the one u love is really a painful thing

ive talked to a couple of people with the same scenarios..

hafiz (jenggo) did told me once that, surely the one that is meant to be your wife is actually waiting just slightly further ahead.. you got to be a bit more patient to meet her up

Psyful also mentioned..She's just hovering around and when you least expect it, she'll be there for you

khairu mentioned that "time is a strong anecdote"

wait just a bit more bro


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how would you know i'm not posting it for you? :D

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