To understand or not to understand

Saturday, 15 December 2007

The heart feels very very heavy at this point of time.
When the mind is full of thoughts.
It's just the enlightenment which is much needed.
But seems that the night doesnt want to end with a light heart.
I don't like unsettling feelings before closing my eyes to rest.
It's too teary a night.
It's just uncomfortable.

Maybe I think too much.
Or too concerned.
Or disappointed with myself.
Or a spur moment of failure.

It's just hard to understand isn't it?
Of what is felt deep inside?
What's to share when one doesn't even get it?

It's just at the wrong time isn't it?
Just like a ticking bomb, waiting to explode.
Of which I pray it doesn't.
Maybe at this moment, you too do not understand.
Because you can't seem to empathise.
Because you're not in my shoes.
Perhaps, you were never in my shoes.

Except for You i place my trust...
I'll try to stay strong...
Even if I might crumble...
Aameen Ya Rabbal 'Aalamiin.

When shallow breather arrives, it always remind me the end of time.
But thank You for still letting me see the world, still...

Maybe it's time for seclusion.
Can't handle it no more.

xx Sometimes it's better to be invisible but active. Rather than visible but latent.

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