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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Yesterday the sisters and I attended one of our sister’s wedding.

Masya-Allah, twas beautiful beyond words. It wasn’t just beautiful physically but spiritually as well.

I mean, yeah, the whole house was done nicely la dee daa. But it was not because of that. It was because the wedding was conduct following the sunnah of Rasullallah SAW. It was simple, no hoo haa of these badak-badak mandi, bebedak, malam pacar, bersanding, muleh tiga hari and what nots have you.

It was just…simple. Exquisitely simple….and yet you can feel the barakah in the air. SIgh. I don’t know. I’m being whimsical.

I’ve attended my fair share of weddings and honestly, it is tiring for me to attend all those ceremonies (as mentioned above) so I can’t imagine how it must feel for the bride and groom.

And the money spent!! =___=’

For us Malays, its culture vs sunnah. And more often then never, sadly and most disappointingly, culture wins. How so? Well, you can argue all you like with your dalils and hadiths and having your uztaz to back you up, but at the end of the day, you will end up hurting your parents feelings (if they are very very traditional) and your grandparents and your aunts and uncles and second cousin twice removed from the third cousin of your aunty’s stepdaughter thrice removed niece.

Unless you have a family which understands that above all, it is Allah that we should be pleasing, not our nafs and certainly not our traditions.

When Rasullullah wed his daughter, Saydatina Fatimah to Ali Radhiallahuanh, it was as simple as it could be. Please correct me if I am wrong, but Rasullullah asked Ali what did he own and Ali said a horse and armor. Then Rasullullah said sell your armor and keep your horse. The money from the armor will be the mahar for the nikah. And then later on, they had a small walimatul urus just to inform to the family members and friends that the two have wed. [Please refer to comments 5&6. Jazakallah]

And are we not suppose to follow his sunnah, his ways as he had told us to since we all claim the same thing “Laa Illaha Illallah, Muhammadur Rasullullah” - There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the final messenger.

Contradicting, no?

Sigh. Quite.

But that is a different post on its own.

When the sisters and I met up with the bride, masya-Allah , we were just struck by her beauty. She was glowing!! We hugged her tight hoping that some of her karma would rub on to us. Lol.Jest jest. But the sisters and I were overwhelmed with happiness and tears of joys were spilt. Sigh.

That was my first time crying at a wedding. For me personally, it was because their love was so pure, because they met for the sake of Allah and they married for the sake of Allah and insya-Allah , they will love each other for the sake of Allah .

And that my pretty ones, is the purest kind of love.

That. and because Yani cried and I’m a sympathetic crier! :P

Sigh. You must know the whole story behind how they met then you will sigh along with me. But you should’ve seen the sisters, we were torn in between smiling and crying. Lol.

Awwwwww i feel like crying now! =’( SNIFFS!

To the bride and groom,

“Semoga Allah memberi barakah bagi kamu dan memberkati keluarga kamu, dan mengumpulkan kamu dalam kebaikan dan kepada kebaikan”.

(HR. Ashabus Sunan kecuali An Nasai dan lihat Shahih Tirmidzi 1/317)

Ya Allah ,
Dengan rahmat Mu Ya Allah , limpahkanlah rasa cinta kepada mereka,
Yang Kau jadikan pengikat rindu Rasulullah dan Khadijah Al Qubro
Yang Kau jadikan mata air kasih sayang
Ali bin Abi Thalib dan Fatimah Az Zahra
Yang Kau jadikan penghias keluarga Nabi-Mu yang suci.

Ya Allah ,
Andai semua itu tak layak bagi mereka,

Maka cukupkanlah permohonan mereka dengan redha-Mu
Jadikanlah mereka Suami & Istri yang saling mencintai di kala dekat,
Saling menjaga kehormatan dikala jauh,
Saling menghibur dikala duka,
Saling mengingatkan dikala bahagia,
Saling mendoakan dalam kebaikan dan ketaqwaan,
Serta saling menyempurnakan dalam peribadatan.

Ya Allah

Tetapkan lah iman mereka, dan kuat kan lah semangat mereka untuk berjuang dalam menyebarkan agama Mu, Kurniakanlah dari mereka keturunan yang soleh dan solehah,
Yang dapat membimbing ummah kejalan yang benar,

Ya Allah ,
Sempurnakanlah kebahagiaan mereka
Dengan menjadikan perkawinan mereka ini sebagai ibadah kepada-Mu
Dan bukti ketaatan mereka kepada sunnah Rasul-Mu.

Amin Ya Rabb!

From your sisters of Halaqah Muslimah…We are happy for you and we shall always pray for your happiness. =)

Sniffs. Pass me tissue please..


Neez, cue! And a one, a two, a one two three: Ooooohhh maaamaaa…*fading

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