Dell XPS 730 H2C spotted in the wild

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Ever since that XPS 630 went all mid-level on us we've been on the hunt for a new gamer desktop heartthrob, and it looks like we've found one in the XPS 730 H2C from Dell. This one was semi-announced at CES, and the official image (along with a shot of the innards) is after the break, but a friendly tipster just hooked us up with some spy sots from what we can only assume are the bowels of Dell. The desktop looks to be a worthy successor to the XPS 720, if perhaps a notch down in sexy, uses DDR3 memory, and is "at least" triple SLI ready. Obviously the H2C cooling will be a big draw for overclockers, but we're most excited about all those drive bays in front: floppy RAID here we come! No other specs or release info is available at the moment, but we're sure it'll spill out of Dell soon enough.

spiderman_pink: floppy raid eh haha. orang yang minat kompiter je paham kot XD

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