We have a habit of letting it slip our mind, haven’t we?

Monday, 17 September 2007

sadly, we live in a secular country where muslims anticipate syawal instead of ramadhan.

disappointingly, we live in a country where geylang is being lit up beautifully each year to greet hari raya and not ramadhan.

unfortunately, we live in a country where muslims have already owned new, multiple sets of baju kurungs for syawal instead of striving to own a renewed and rejuvenated heart and soul in ramadhan.

regrettably, we are part of them who instead of feeling grateful and blessed being given the privilege and honour by Allah to savour another month of ramadhan, we loiter around geylang, around arab street, around everywhere else.

do we even know what ramadhan is?

do we even know what we are actually missing out on?

i mean, do we even care to know what it is to be a muslim?

seriously, do we even know why we are living in this world full of pretence?

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